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A meditation to help you step into Your Power

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A meditation to help you Claim Your Abundance

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A meditation for Releasing of Judgement

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A meditation to Release Fear

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Rebekah is often guest on inspiring podcasts with renown colleagues, scroll down to listen

A Podcast with Liz Findlay

Liz provides multifaceted Healing for people & animals worldwide to help them move through Karmic challenges.

You can listen to her interview Rebekah on how she changed her mindset from Corporate Sales to Spiritual Business owner on the links below;


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A Podcast with Sabrina

In this podcast we talk about how I broke free from being controlled and living a life in fear which is something I know well. We discuss how I was born into a religious cult which had me filled with fear, control and confusion as a child. And how at the age of 19, I was disfellowshipped, or ostracized from my family and only community I had ever known because of committing the sin of ‘sex before marriage’. This was the turning point that led me down a path to grow on my own, outside of those religious confines. As a single mom I then slowly built a career reaching the 6-figure status and made a pivotal decision in 2021 when I had a spiritual awakening.

Sabrina Victoria is the Creator and CEO of Human Better 365, a human transformation company and the creator of the Her Version Podcast. Speaker, entrepreneur and author of Envision Your Best Life 90-Day Planner & creator of Catapult Your Life in 365 Days, self-proclaimed Queen of Time, Sabrina focuses on time management and organization as the foundation of life.

There is also more about her here:


A Podcast with Joanne Oswell-Jones

Joanne is a mother of two daughters, an author, motivational speaker, podcast host, and specialist in personal and emotional development. She is the founder of The Authentic Lifestyle self-help and personal empowerment company.

I was honoured to record a podcast with her recently. in which we spoke about breaking free from the control of fear (I have done so twice in my life). Once by leaving a religious cult at age 19, then leaving a lucrative career at age 43.

The Podcast is available now on most major platforms:



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