Clare purchased the Awaken package and had 3 coaching sessions with me. She felt that she needed spiritual life coaching as she felt lost and confused about her identity. The main goal she wanted to achieve through the coaching was to find out about herself. She felt that if she could connect with her true self she would have more to give and wouldn’t feel that life was passing her by. In the first session we firmly established her goal by using a visualisation technique where she visited her perfect future. In this first session we also uncovered a negative belief she had which was ‘I am not good enough’ and we came up with some positive affirmations she could do as homework to help with reprogramme that neural pathway. In the second session she reported that she felt more in flow, things were happening (such as car breaking down) but she was able to deal with them. For this session I used the ‘Soul Truth’ technique as her main goal was to find out more about her soul This is a series of questions that will help her to see what is the deepest soulful truth about herself. She discovered that If she were being true to her soul she would be living in her campervan, outdoors in nature, and be less attached to possessions. We then worked on what experiences she would need to have to help her get there, what she needs to let go of to create more space in her heart etc. What was uncovered in this session though was that Clare had a feeling of feeling dirty when wanting more money or to be more successful and the statement she heard was ‘don’t forget your roots’ so in our last session we focussed on inner scripts. Scripts are magnetic. They act as an archetype which emanates through our auric field via our chakras, this magnetic power draws events to us. One of Clare’s inner scripts was identified as ‘money is dirty’ and ‘I am not good enough’. We revisited events in Clare’s past as to where these scripts were born. I helped her take ownership of her scripts and then we rewrote them by creating positive affirmations that she could tap with and that would neutralise her old script. The Awaken package has helped Clare understand who she wants to become and what fulfils her at a spirit/soul level. The vision of seeing herself teaching, speaking and sharing knowledge has helped her understand her purpose and how she can align to that. She now has a plan to take forward, focussing on aligning her to her purpose. She is focussed on clearing her negative money beliefs to bring in the money to sign up for a new course to expand her skills and her business. She currently works for herself providing Reiki, massage etc but wants to expand into another area. She felt that her goal of finding out about herself as she feels she will have more to give has firmly been met.

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