Alexandra’s Coaching Journey with me

In the first session, the 90 minute deep dive, it was all about getting to know her, where she was now and where she wanted to be. We used life evaluation tools, the SOUL satisfaction scale and her answers on the consultation form to work out what her goal was and the outcome she wanted from our sessions together. Her main goal was to feel that she was living her life. Currently she wasn’t seeing friends, her health was deteriorating, she was working hard, studying hard, mumming hard and felt like a bottle of coke all shook up! She wanted to make her life count, have time for the things she loved.

The lowest scoring area on her soul satisfaction scale was fun with a score of 1 out of 10 and creativity which was a 3 out of 10.

In the next few sessions we explored into Alexandra’s environment and looked at limiting beliefs and did an lots of different exercises one being called S.E.T.T which helped her recognise her two conflicting parts by identifying her current story and negative effects it’s having on her life and bringing into awareness her ideal life goal, gaining clarity over what changes she needed to make. Her current story was she was taking on too much and not setting clear boundaries, this was resulting in extreme anxiety, lack of sleep, inability to complete tasks, no time for exercise. She had no spare time at all, every minute of her day was filled with things to do. When visualising the best version of herself she was living her life in flow, felt calmer, more able to cope when crisis’s hit, she was exercising. She saw herself designing shoes, having her own shop, having the time to be creative! She had also trained her dog to be a therapy dog and had the time to take him into schools

Next we looked at behaviour which means exploring her thoughts, feelings and actions and worked on building on her hopes and goals. We did an inner script exercise looking at painful events in her past and what these experiences made her believe about herself. The biggest inner script was ‘I am not worthy’ and she was carrying a lot of guilt and shame from past experiences. We used Byron Katie’s 4 question technique to turn these around and homework given was to work on positive affirmations that she had come up with.

Around the middle of our time together we looked at capabilities, and used a really powerful sub personality exercise as she needed help with prioritising. Here we worked with the part of her that kept her so busy and the opposite part. We worked out when they came into her life, why they came into her life and what they are here to do. This helped her realise that these parts are not part of her core and she can choose when to allow these parts to take over, very powerful! We also worked with EFT (emotional frequency technique) which is tapping that she could use when feeling overwhelmed at home and she used these affirmations; I am good enough, I have so much to offer, I have so much to be proud of, I am creative, I am worthy, I am successful, I have the power to make my dreams come true, I am not a quitter, I can solve problems and challenges, I am capable, I can do this!

In a few sessions we worked on her Identity, helping her to see who she really was? We worked on what was most lovable about her which was the way she dressed, sparkly & bright! That she is reliable and totally dependable, compassionate & caring. We looked at things about herself that she hid from others, her shadows. We dug deep down into her soul which was telling her ‘you are fine as you are’ This soul truth technique exercise helped her to see who she was deep down, not just a mum, an employee, a daughter etc. If she were being true to her soul she said that she would be so much more creative, taking time to sew, glue, draw etc

Finally we worked on her purpose which encompasses the bigger picture of her life which was her being an enabler of others, that is what she truly loves, she loves to witness growth in others and that is now what she is focussing her future on.

As a result of this break through package she has a new awareness of herself, knows her blind spots and understands personal blocks and conflicts

She is wiser about herself having a greater insight into herself and others, this led her to realise that the recent university course she had signed up for was just not good timing and she withdrew from the course. She also has her family helping out a lot more around the house having set up a visible schedule of tasks.

She has a great adaptability now knowing she can make changes to become the person she was meant to be. She has already began to make changes, bringing more creativeness into her life doing crafts at her children’s school for example.

We checked her soul satisfaction scale at the end of her coaching journey and this is how they had changed for the better!

Self Care 3 to 7

Self Development 6 to 8

Service/Purpose 6 to 9

Family 8 to 8

Friends 4 to 6

Romance 9 to 9

Creativity 3 to 7

Authenticity 7 to 9

Fun 1 to 4

Variety 6 to 6

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