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Hear from Cheryl and her experience with the Akashic Reading

Akashic Records Reading - Earth & Stars

Do you want to dive deep into your soul and find out who you really are and where you have come from? Maybe you have always felt drawn to the stars or felt you didn’t belong here. You might be struggling to find your purpose or maybe you have already found it, but don’t really know how to apply it to your life. If you are open and ready to find out more, the Akashic records reading is for you.

I am an Akashic records channel specialising in cosmic readings, past lives and starseed readings. My Akashic records reading is an in-depth look into your soul. During the reading I channel information directly from the Akashic records library, from your soul’s record.

With this reading, you will understand your core essence more, learn what your soul’s strengths, gifts and abilities are and what themes you have chosen for this life. You will also learn where you have lived in the past and, among other things, the different life forms you have lived as. I will go through some of your past lives on Earth and on other planets and you will find out if you, in fact, are a starseed.

After this reading, you will better understand your mission on Earth and why your life is the way it is. You will receive a deeper knowing of who you are, where you have come from and why your path has been this way so far. You will also gain an understanding of how you can apply your strengths and origins to everyday life, working life and relationships, and live with closer alignment to your soul.

I will channel the information in advance and we will go through the reading whichever way suits you best: by voice recording, via phone call or via Zoom video call. Just click on the option of your choice from the drop-down menu. If the starseed concept and Akashic records are not something you are familiar with or you have specific questions you would like answered, I recommend booking a phone or video call so we can answer any questions you may have before booking. The duration of the reading is approximately 1.5-2 hours, but if you feel that you would like to digest the information a bit more, we can divide the reading into two parts, both approximately 45-60 min.

After the session you will receive all information in a document that is yours to keep along with a recording of the session.

You can buy the reading by going to my services page here See different available options for readings at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions in advance regarding your reading, please email me on

Please note! In order to channel your reading from the Akash, I’ll need your full name at birth, full name now, birth date and birth town. It is also possible, though rare, that I won’t be able to open your record and give you an Akashic reading. If this happens, I will return the price of the reading to you.

See below what my clients have to say about their readings;

Wow! Such a deep and comprehensive reading of the many facets of my soul journey. Lot’s of information to absorb, very helpful and affirming in so many places.” Steve Nobel, Author, Spiritual Ascension Mentor &  creator of Soul Matrix Healing of which you can join here

“Last week, I was lucky enough to have an Akashic record reading from Rebekah. What do I say? Everything plucked at a memory, a feeling or a dream from my life here so far. It has given me things to research, things to think about and ponder upon and of course homework. I thoroughly recommend this type of reading for anyone “lost” or void of any ”sense of place. Thank you so much.”


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Rather than buying each Akashic Reading individually buy all three at a discounted rate and have the full Akashic Records experience!

What you'll get;
1. Akashic Records Full Bang Earth & Stars (first appointment 90 mins)
2. Akashic Records Follow up Appointment (second appointment to be booked in 3 months after first 60 mins)
3. Akashic Records Coaching (can be booked in one month after first 90 mins)
If purchased separately the cost would be £336.50
Once you have purchased please log into your portal and book in your first appointment which is the Akashic Records Full Bang, 90 minutes
The follow up will then be booked in month two and the coaching session booked in month 3.

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