“Interesting and Inspiring! I came into my first session with Rebekah not knowing what to expect and she completely put me at my ease from the start.    I would 100% recommend a session with Rebekah to anyone you won’t regret it.”


“I had the most amazingly detailed akashic record reading with Rebekah! I was looking for an advanced level reading and that is exactly what she provided. She was so knowledgeable at explaining all the information. A wonderful experience!”


Akashic Records Readings - Earth & Stars

I am a qualified Akashic Records Practitioner and offers Akashic Record readings of the Earth & Stars

Past Life Soul Reading / Earth & Stars 1.5 - 2 hours

This is a channelled Akashic Records reading in which you get deep insight into your own soul! You will learn about your Starseed origins, past lives lived on earth and other planets, your own soul gifts & specialties.

I will regress into your past incarnations to find out where you lived, and what you looked like. (not always the human form!) You gain deep insight into your soul mission, and get information about your life, what you need to know NOW!

A magical experience, done live per video or phone or pre-recorded and sent as a video.

For more in depth information about the reading please click on the button below;

What is Libra Light?

Spiritual Life Coaching Packages

As a Master Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychologist I help to awaken people to what is at the core of them. We get so conditioned throughout our life and most of our beliefs are formed from painful experiences that sometimes we are just on auto pilot and not where we want to be. The method that I use in my coaching is designed to strip back the layers. It’s not counselling and we will not be taking the lid of pandora’s box but we are going to uncover that diamond inside of you that’s ready to fulfil its potential! As a coach I work as a lighthouse, I will be guiding you rather than telling you what to do. I use Carl Rogers theory; “You’re not broken you have the answers in side you” Sometimes we need someone to help us reframe how we see the world, someone who is not opinionated, who is not going to judge. Someone who will work WITH you , be curious, and who wants to see how you see world to help you see it differently therefore helping with your transformation.

Click on the button below to learn more about how you can work with me

In Person Sessions

As well as online Zoom I also offer in person sessions  I am based in Cheshire right next to Northwich Town Centre and so if you prefer doing things in person let me know and I will send you the details of how to find me.  Below are some photographs of the room I use;

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Location: Cheshire, UK

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